5 Common Mistakes in Data Security to Avoid for Your Business

We are living under the throngs of cyber criminals. You need to protect the IT infrastructure of your business.

Data security mistakes are common and easy to avoid. Your business can use an IT solutions company to help with data security. To avoid these mistakes, you need data backup solutions.

Below is a guide to common mistakes in data security that you need to avoid. Keep reading!

1. Data Entry Errors

Improperly entered or incomplete data can lead to serious security issues and can cost a business valuable time and resources. Businesses should ensure that all data is entered correctly and quickly.

It is also important to ensure that data is backed up regularly to ensure its safety. Additionally, it is vital to set up stringent user permissions and access controls to protect the integrity of the data.

By taking the time to properly implement data security measures, businesses can minimize the risk of data entry errors and protect the integrity of their data.

2. No Password Security

Passwords should be complex, containing a combination of capital and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and numbers. Passwords should also be changed often and never reused.

It is also important to use two-factor authentication, which requires the user to provide additional authentication to verify identities. Business owners should restrict user access to only what is necessary for a user’s given role within the organization.

3. No Data Analysis

Without data analysis, businesses do not have a comprehensive understanding of their security infrastructure, leaving their data vulnerable to external threats. Even simply performing patch analysis to detect and correct any vulnerabilities can go a long way toward guarding against malicious actors.

Having a formal system of data backup, disaster recovery, and audit trail logging is essential to properly secure company data.

4. Storage Mistakes

Data security errors associated with storage mistakes can lead to the destruction of backing up data, costly losses, and data breaches. Businesses should carefully consider their storage methods and make sure that their data is stored securely.

Poor storage encryption can also allow hackers to access confidential information. By avoiding these data storage mistakes, businesses can protect their data, prevent losses, and support their reputation.

You can also consider a Co-Managed IT to help you keep your IT systems running smoothly and efficiently.

5. Poorly Managed Cloud Servers

Without properly managed cloud servers, businesses are exposed to a variety of threats. Businesses must create a security strategy outlining the necessary access controls, and ensure that necessary patches, updates, and upgrades are regularly maintained.

By protecting business data stored in their cloud servers, businesses should also consider using authentication, encryption, and authorization measures to protect data from unwanted access. By following these practices, businesses can avoid the costly and devastating repercussions of data security breaches due to poorly managed cloud servers.

Learn About The Common Mistakes in Data Security Now

Proper data security is essential today to protect your business and customers. Ensure you and your employees are aware of common mistakes in data security and how to avoid them to keep your organization secure.

If you need help, work with a professional to assess your current security posture and recommend updates or improvements to keep you compliant!

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