Change Your Office Every Day With a Virtual Background

Whether you work from home or under your company’s roof, being surrounded by the same four walls every day is a bit dull. Sadly, the folks you hold regular virtual meetings with probably feel that way, too, as they grow tired of seeing the same plants, books, and office supplies behind you each time you connect.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to mix up the look of your office by creating a custom Zoom background. In fact, it’s possible to change things up as often as you like with this simple tool. Here are some ideas for giving your workspace a new vibe every day with virtual backdrops.

Have Your Meeting at the Beach

It’s tough to relax when you’re staring into a webcam and stressed about making a compelling presentation, so why not set up a virtual backdrop that invites everyone in attendance to chill out? A lake or oceanside beach scene is both beautiful and calming, so it may be just what you need to come across as cool and composed in your next meeting.

Indulge Your Aspirations

Although you may not live in a drool-worthy house, there’s no shame in wishing you did. Turn your home design dreams into (virtual) reality by opting for a meeting background that reflects your excellent taste in furnishings and décor, even if the reality of your surroundings is more Ikea than Hermès.

Inspire Creativity

When you’re hosting a brainstorming meeting, getting people to think creatively requires the right atmosphere. Choosing a background that features an art studio, laboratory, kitchen, or another setting in which inventiveness and imagination come into play is a fun way to spark ideas and inspiration.

Be a Little Silly

When you want your next virtual meeting to be memorable, try tickling people’s funny bones with a goofy backdrop. Featuring a jail cell, TV talk show set, or even a wall of rubber duckies behind you is sure to lighten the mood and make a fun impression. Bonus points if you keep a straight face and let your background do the side-splitting for you.

Show Off Your Company Logo

If, on the other hand, you need to keep things strictly professional in your next team meeting, using a logo-based virtual backdrop is a great option. With a JPG or PNG of your logo on hand, it’s easy to create minimalist Zoom backgrounds, free via email, through a top online tool provider like VirtualOffice. It’s a simple and sophisticated way to change your surroundings while staying on-brand.

Now that you’ve gotten some great ideas for giving your office a fresh look with virtual backdrops, it’s time to start designing new scenes for your upcoming meetings. Whether you’re looking for the best free Microsoft Teams backgrounds or images that work across multiple platforms, working with a top designer of virtual meeting enhancement tools ensures you’ll get the right options to meet your technical and aesthetic needs. Start designing right away, and then get ready to enjoy fresh, new surroundings every day!

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