Understanding the Fill Options for Artificial Turf

You have many options when choosing the best type of fill for your artificial turf installation. Each choice provides unique benefits for your outdoor space’s appearance, longevity, and appearance. Understanding the differences between available fill components can help you make the right decision for aesthetic appeal and overall stability. 

Crushed Stone 

Crushed stone is made from rock that has been broken down into small pieces by machines. It’s composed of limestone, granite, or other stones and comes in various sizes and colors. 

Using crushed stone during an artificial turf installation can improve drainage. Crushed stone creates a layer between the soil and turf to allow water to drain away quickly and efficiently. This helps prevent pooling on the surface of your new lawn. Pooling can cause damage to both the grass blades and the underlying soil. Crushed stone fill can also help keep your lawn free from mud, making it better suited for activities like football or soccer games. 

Crushed stone can also add stability to an artificial turf installation. This creates a solid foundation for the grass blades to rest on. This could prevent them from shifting or moving around when walked or played on, which can lessen wear and tear. A strong base can help protect against changes in temperature or moisture levels due to weather conditions.


Also called Durafill or Biofill, this durable and cost-effective fill is made from rounded quartz core, non-abrasive, and anti-microbial acrylic-coated sand. Envirofill is popular with pet owners because it does not absorb liquids. It is often coated in green acrylic to help it blend into grass blades. It can help to reduce heat buildup in the artificial turf, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a cooler playing surface.

Envirofill is a non-toxic fill that is usually easy to install. It requires minimal maintenance and is not susceptible to insect damage or microbial growth. It can be an excellent option for regions with high levels of moisture or humidity.

If athletes or active children will use your artificial turf, your turf supplier may recommend Envirofill. It can provide additional support and cushion to artificial turf. Additional support can help to reduce the risk of injury when playing on the surface. It can also help increase traction and reduce slipping.

Organic Fill

Organic fill is created using all-natural, organic materials such as shredded coconut husk, cork, and walnut shells. It can help promote better drainage and reduce compaction in areas with high foot traffic. It can also improve the turf’s structural stability while providing a more comfortable playing surface.

Organic fill can protect against bacteria growth and is less likely to be impacted by temperature changes. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a safe and long-lasting turf solution. Organic fill usually requires more frequent maintenance than other types of fill. It includes brushing, topdressing, and replacing the fill every few years.

Rubber Granules

Rubber granules are made from products like recycled tires. They come in various colors and sizes, making them easy to match with almost any artificial turf. Like Envirofill, this fill often helps cushion artificial turf. 

When installed between blades of grass, rubber granules act as a shock absorber and help keep the surface even and comfortable underfoot. This can help reduce injuries caused by falls or slips on hard surfaces.

Rubber granules can help to keep your artificial turf in place and prevent it from shifting or sliding around under foot traffic. The rubbery texture can add additional cushioning and comfort when walking or running on an artificial turf surface. 

They can also help extend the life of your turf by protecting it from wear and tear due to heavy use or extreme weather conditions. Because they are made from recycled tires, you’ll be doing your part to reduce landfill waste while enjoying all the benefits of a lush green lawn.

Choose the Best Artificial Turf Installation Company

The type of fill you choose may depend on your budget, the traffic your lawn will see, and your personal preferences. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, consult the best artificial turf installation company. They may assess your needs and recommend the best solution for your home or business.

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