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Unique Fabric Trends To Watch for Summer of 2023

In the winter, you probably want your home to feel warm and cozy. In the summer, a cooler, airier space is more inviting. Spring is a time to switch from one home décor style to the other. Here are some examples of some current design trends that are likely to be hot — figuratively speaking, though hopefully not literally — this summer.

Expressive Layering and Patterns

What do you do if you find organic twill fabric by the yard in multiple patterns that you really love? In the past, you would have had to make a difficult decision. Now, however, you do not necessarily have to choose. It is currently trendy to layer several different patterns on top of one another. Smaller patterns work better for decorative elements, such as curtains, while large, eye-catching patterns are appropriate for the statement pieces in a room, e.g., a kitchen rug, a living room armchair or sofa, or a bedroom headboard. The end result may seem chaotic, but it can be coherent with your individual identity and sense of style.

Heritage Fabrics and Patterns

People these days are increasingly deriving comfort from old traditions and classic looks that are recognizable and familiar. The trend for 2023 is to take these traditional elements and reinterpret them in a contemporary way.

For example, linen is believed to be the oldest textile in the world. Made from fibers of the flax plant, linen was in use in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. One way that you could put a contemporary spin on this classic fiber is to purchase linen fabric by the yard in an unusual color or a more modern pattern. Linen is particularly appropriate for summer as it is lightweight and breathable.

Forever Flowers and Nature

Floral prints are a timeless interior design motif that never really goes out of style but is currently increasing in popularity. In the summer, many flowers are blooming, so raw canvas fabric by the yard in a floral print allows you to make the inside of your home more resemble the outside. There are many different choices of floral prints available, from big and bold to simple and subtle.

Biophilia is a theory suggesting that a primal need to connect with nature is coded into human DNA. It is easy to fulfill this need in the summer because warm weather makes it easier and more pleasant to spend time outside. It is a more difficult need to fulfill in the winter, when the weather is colder and many natural elements are covered with snow. Incorporating floral prints into your interior design scheme means that you can trick your brain into believing that you are surrounded by flowers all year long, helping you to feel a closer connection to the natural world no matter the season or weather.

Sustainable materials, made of natural, renewable fibers, are also increasingly sought after as more people try to have less of an impact on the environment. If this is your goal, it is a commendable one, and purchasing any of these fabrics is consistent with it.

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